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Bharat’s Wedding Gift

I want a unique and jazzy song for my girlfriend on the occasion of our wedding day. It has to describe the magical times we had when we started knowing each other.

Gaurav’s Confession

Want an acoustic pop song on romantic notes to propose to my girlfriend Dimpy, an advocate. I would like you to mention how chirpy she is, cute mole on her chin and that she has always been the one!

Mehak’s Love

On my partner’s birthday, I want a nostlagia-inducing song to wish him. Please mention our long-distance relationship, our various trips across India and that we are perfect for each other despite being poles apart. Add a tone of gratitude for thanking him for being there for me.

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Vanshika Wedding Song

Gift a Melody

Akshay’s Romance

Gift a Melody

Navodita’s Long Distance Relationship

Gift a Melody

Farhaan’s Best Friend Bday

Gift a Melody

Jyoti’s Proposal

Gift a Melody

We are trained in making memories last forever.

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Better than Diamonds

I am a student so couldn’t afford expensive diamonds for my girl. But this song worked better than diamonds. She totally loved it and played again and again!

Ashutosh Tiwari

Best Gift Ever!

We danced! We cried! We laughed! All the memories just came back rushing when I first heard the song he gifted me.

Komal Bansal

Nostalgic Surprise

The song actually transported us to our wedding day, 10 years ago. We relived those memories and put a refreshing new twist to it!

Harshita Sharma

She said Yes!

I proposed to her with this song and she said YES!! This song definitely was my lucky charm. These guys made everything so easy and effortless for me.

Vansh Daga

Unique and Personalized

Trust me, you don’t need anything else!! It was my partner's first birthday after marriage and this song just made our day. Beautiful.

Nikhil Tomar

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